About Us

PrivateCourt's private jurisdiction is particularly suitable for entrepreneurs who want to end a dispute quickly and finally.

Private justice is the same as government justice, except in private justice, an expert is a judge instead of a government judge. But the private judge also gives a binding judgment, just like the government judge.

In private case law, you can determine the procedure yourself. PrivateCourt has developed a procedure that is fair and prompt. As a result, you will receive a binding judgment within a month.

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  • An independent private court that does it differently

    The qualifications, experience and general norms for the appointment of an arbitrator will impose a certain degree of limitation on the parties to choose an arbitrator in order to get perfect and unbiased result.
  • Confidentiality of Information

    We maintain confidentiality of all arbitral proceedings except where its disclosure is necessary for the purpose of implementation and enforcement of the award. The amendment mandates that the arbitrator, arbitral institution and the parties shall keep confidentiality of all arbitration proceedings.
  • Fast, simple and for a fixed, low price.

    Around 80 percent of cases are resolved in the first two weeks of the dispute submitted to the PrivateCourt. The need to file a formal application for appointment of an arbitrator before the PrivateCourt, thus speeding up the process by reducing the burden from the PrivateCourt and bringing down the inordinate delays occurring in dispute resolution.

An independent decision quickly.