PrivateCourt Negotiation Rules 2020

Negotiation has been defined as any form of direct or indirect communication whereby parties who have opposing interests discuss the form of any joint action which they might take to manage and ultimately resolve the dispute between them. Negotiations may be used to resolve an already-existing problem or to lay the groundwork for a future relationship between two or more parties.

Negotiation has also been characterized as the “preeminent mode of dispute resolution”, which is hardly surprising given its presence in virtually all aspects of everyday life, whether at the individual, institutional, national, or global levels. Each negotiation is unique, differing from one another in terms of subject matter, the number of participants, and the process used.

Given the presence of negotiation in daily life, it is not surprising to find that negotiation can also be applied within the context of other dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and litigation settlement conferences.

Negotiation at PrivateCourt

Thousands of companies and individuals all over the world use negotiation services to solve simple and complex disputes and make major as well as simple everyday deals. It is on these quality and organizational standards of foreign ADR centers that the Negotiations, Mediation, and Online Dispute Resolution Centre PrivateCourt have been established and operates worldwide.



A negotiator is an independent person who conducts Negotiation at PrivateCourt



  1. In Negotiations, subject to the approval of the Negotiator, the Parties may participate in person or depute authorized representatives on their behalf. The parties may also be assisted by legal advisers if the parties so desire.
  1. The parties shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the terms PrivateCourt, once they make a reference to the Negotiation.
  1. Parties may choose to have a common Negotiator or each of them may choose to have different Negotiators from the panel of PrivateCourtSuch a request should be made in writing to the PrivateCourt at the time of applying for negotiation.


Parties are free to choose electronic as well as a physical venue for the Negotiation.



Negotiation is a completely informal procedure through which parties are brought to common settlement agreement/MOU within 14 days from the date on which parties apply for Negotiation, under the observation and guidance of Neutral Negotiator/Negotiators.


Settlement Agreement/MOU

Parties are brought to common negotiation terms, pursuant to which Negotiator shares final Settlement Agreement/MOU, which after due acknowledgment on e-mail(in case of electronic negotiation) and after duly signing of both the parties is enforceable and binding on both the parties.  

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