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Collaborate, Don't Confront: In ADR, success lies in collaboration, not confrontation. Embrace open communication, actively listen, and work together towards a solution that benefits all parties involved.

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The International Court of ARBITRATION
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PrivateCourt: The Most Trusted & Reliable Digital Infrastructure for Dispute Resolution.

We believe in the 'Logic of Nyaya' to resolve disputes more effectively and efficiently.

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Mutually Agreed

All parties involved must sign and accept the mutually agreed terms

Legally Enforced

Both parties are legally bound by the Dispute Resolution Clause

Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute, PrivateCourt is to attain resolution, amicably


The Award holder can enforce the Award as per the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, and Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

Our Legacy of Building Trust with the Disputed Parties is the Greatest Determiner of our Success!!

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My experience with Privatecourt has been so comforting, to say the least. A completely professional team with an eye for detail and an understanding of the term 'Time is Money.’

Freelance Designer

I truly appreciate the efforts and the constant support extended through the course of the tough negotiations. I have come to trust the team at Privatecourt, absolutely!

Business Owner

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With 25 bit SSL encryption, all data and payments are perfectly secure.

Online Payments
Online Payments

Make safe payments online. UPI, Credit Card, from over 65+ banks.

Digital & Print
Digital & Print

Purchase Digital as well as print Agreements. The print copy will be sent to address.

Saved to Cloud
Saved to Cloud

All online proceedings and interactions are saved to the cloud.

One Point Management
One point Management

The appplication acts as one point for every process you make with PrivateCourt

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Our Solemn Pledge


Trust is built on Transparency. PrivateCourt strictly adheres to higher ethical standards to ensure an open & honest business relationship.


PrivateCourt's policy is to make judgements free from discrimination or dishonesty to achieve justice in each individual case.


Privatecourt stands on the pillars of ethics and commitment to perform the just in society.

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Dispute Resolution via Negotiation

Authored by our founder and promoter, Mr. Ankit Verma, this book is a must-read for individuals who want to learn the nitty-gritty of Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

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Dispute Resolution Via Negotiation is available on

Dispute Resolution via Negotiation
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