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Timely Intervention Matters Address disputes promptly. The sooner you engage in ADR, the greater the chance of finding a resolution before tensions escalate. Early intervention can save time, costs, and relationships.

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PrivateCourt is building a place of trust that can ensure that everything will be established in truth.

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PrivateCourt is building a place of trust that can ensure that everything will be established in truth. India’s first ‘’Indic Privatecourt’’ working on a robust digital system and infrastructure for effective dispute resolution and efficient enforcement.



Our experience, business management plans and growth have set a record of high performance. Investing in PrivateCourt is Investing In Success, Bottom Line & Profit



We look at being present in every city of business. In keeping with this approach, we plan to expand our presence domestically and globally over the next few months.



Our highly skilled and diligent panel of neutrals are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in law and business (Domestic & International), working along with experts catering to various industries.



Become a part of the new dispute resolution avenue which is set to disrupt the industry. Partner with us and join our sojourn in modernising and rescripting the way the world does business.


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PrivateCourt has carved a unique place in the space of Dispute Resolution via Trust & Sincerity and arrived at a clear positioning of the digital platform.

Aligned with technological advancement, it is a forerunner in the digital space, providing faster and higher-quality resolutions.

Get Legally Protected

We help Individuals & Organisations to Secure their Business against any Future Conflict.

Impartial & Unbiased Justice

The PrivateCourt platform provides parties involved in the dispute to select the arbitrator together ensuring an impartial and unbiased decision.

Secure your Deals

Adding an Arbitration Clause to your contract Agreement helps resolve future disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Business Continuity

Do what’s correct to preserve & protect your business relations. Stay organised & keep out of disputes.

Trust & Conviction

PrivateCourt manages the process wherein effective results match the Claims. This increases the trust factor within the community.

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As an arbitrator, you will be reviewing testimony and evidence presented by the disputed parties at a hearing and resolves the dispute by issuing a decision.

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Why PrivateCourt?

PrivateCourt is on the journey to drive to the place of Nyaya on the world scaffold with the robust framework of seeking justice. Pitching the words and according to actions with proper care and responsibility, PrivateCourt stands on the pillars of ethics and commitment to perform the just in society.


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