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Timely Intervention Matters Address disputes promptly. The sooner you engage in ADR, the greater the chance of finding a resolution before tensions escalate. Early intervention can save time, costs, and relationships.

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The International Court of ARBITRATION

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The MIS developed by PrivateCourt will change the dynamics of Report Generation & Data Analysis. 

This specialised futuristic system is designed to swiftly assimilate, assess and generate real-time reports for you to track productivity and revert to data-related questions to manage situations at hand.

Our Roadmap

The PrivateCourt Developer Roadmap highlights when & what we envision to do so that you know what to expect. It's a win-win situation for all as you can align your project goals with this high-level overview of our aim and deliverables presented on a timeline.

Aug 2023

First Mega Launch

MIS- Software Center Point Case Management Functionalities


Dec 2023

For third party Developers

Release of API Integration


Oct 2025

Artificial Integration

Release of Natural Voice Processing & AI/ML-based Dispute Resolution with Basic Infrastructure


Oct 2026

VR Support

Release Virtual Reality Support System


Oct 2028

Metaverse Release

Fully immersive experiece for users.


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As an arbitrator, you will be reviewing testimony and evidence presented by the disputed parties at a hearing and resolves the dispute by issuing a decision.

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Why PrivateCourt?

PrivateCourt is on the journey to drive to the place of Nyaya on the world scaffold with the robust framework of seeking justice. Pitching the words and according to actions with proper care and responsibility, PrivateCourt stands on the pillars of ethics and commitment to perform the just in society.


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