In the world of disagreements, not finding a solution is like starting a journey without directions. PrivateCourt is your guide, making sure every problem finds a way to an amicable RESOLUTION!

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22 Dec 2022


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PrivateCourt proudly launched its first book titled 'Dispute Resolution Via Negotiation: A Useful Guide to Resolve Disputes Quickly and Effectively!

Book Overview
  • Stepwise process of mediation
  • A brief history of dispute resolution
  • Best practices
  • Case studies
About the Book

Authored by our founder and promoter, Mr. Ankit Verma, this book is a must-read for individuals who want to learn the nitty-gritty of Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

This book takes the reader through the historical context of negotiations, the Indian legal systems, its practices and adaptations to Alternate Dispute Resolution, and most essentially, a breakdown of steps involved in effective negotiations/mediation.

The book is perfectly timed and in tune with the changing digital business environment. The author has been a part of tens and thousands of successful negotiations with an 85% success rate; he takes a deep dive into the archives to build almost a manual for anyone who wishes to indulge in this dynamic ADR world.

As you are aware, the ever-changing business world demands every enterprise be agile, requiring disputes and disagreements to be resolved quickly to help focus on furthering growth. PrivateCourt is here to help you do just that. With our specialised team, hassle-free onboarding processes, and state-of-art tech platform, we offer you a one-stop shop for all your dispute management needs.

Given a chance, we'll be glad to further explain our service capabilities. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an initial meeting with our team (which can take place by videoconference, by telephone, or in person), to request a fee proposal, to request a preliminary case assessment, or to simply learn more about us and our prior successes for past clients.


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Dispute Resolution via Negotiation


Negotiation Techniques For NBFCs: Better Ways to Avoid Loan Write-offs & Improve Collections

    Book Contents

  • SOPs flow for faster Negotiation
  • Practical Approach for SOPs design
  • SOPs Implementation Techniques
  • Case studies
Coming Soon on Amazon