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21 January 2024

Championing Student Well-being: PrivateCourt's Ethical Stance!

Let's champion education with ethics and responsibility!

As we applaud the 2024 guidelines by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India, it's vital to recognize the pivotal role these guidelines play in addressing concerns about student suicides and accidents. The focus is clear: ensuring the safety and well-being of students attending coaching centers.

These guidelines are a response to the pressing issues faced by students, aiming to regulate coaching centers and create a robust policy framework. The objective is crystal clear – to tackle student stress, suicides, and accidents resulting from unregulated coaching centers. Explore the full guidelines here.

In alignment with these principles, PrivateCourt has issued a notice to all Conciliators and Arbitrators empanelled with us, underscoring our commitment to responsible practices in education. Explore the full guidelines here.

Circulation regarding excluding/dismissing/not accepting cases of education loan of Students (18 years and below).

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