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PrivateCourt Unveils 'Samvaad se, Vivaad Nahi' Campaign on Gandhi Jayanti, Advocating Dialogue Over Legal Battles

In a powerful homage to Mahatma Gandhi's legacy of non-violence and dialogue, PrivateCourt, a trailblazing ADR organization, launches the transformative "Samvaad se, Vivaad Nahi" (Dialogue, Not Disputes) campaign.
This initiative seeks to champion the potency of dialogue and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms, emphasizing the brand ethos of PrivateCourt.
Why are we launching on Gandhi Jayanti?

On October 2nd, synonymous with Gandhi Jayanti, PrivateCourt commences this campaign, drawing deep inspiration from the iconic leader's commitment to non-violence. Gandhi believed vehemently in the efficacy of peaceful discussions to resolve conflicts—a principle intrinsic to this campaign. PrivateCourt pays tribute to this vision by initiating the campaign on this significant day.

Our Action Plan:

PrivateCourt's resolute team will reach out to over 2 Lac MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) across India, spreading the message of "Samvaad se, Vivaad Nahi." Across three months, this campaign will resonate in PrivateCourt's seven offices and communicate in 15 languages, ensuring a far-reaching impact.

Our Ultimate Objectives:

At the campaign's conclusion, PrivateCourt aims to achieve compelling outcomes:

  1. Engaging 2 Lac+ MSMEs & Corporates: Propagating the advantages of ADR to over 2 Lac+ MSMEs and corporate entities, fostering dialogue over discord.
  2. Capturing Senior Management's Support: Documenting visual testimonials with photographs of senior management, illustrating their commitment to dialogue-based conflict resolution.
  3. Propagating Brand Vision: Reinforcing PrivateCourt's role in revolutionizing the legal landscape by promoting peaceful conflict resolution methods.
  4. Local Awareness Blitz: Conducting awareness campaigns in proximity to PrivateCourt's offices for heightened local visibility.
What MSMEs Will Receive:

During these engagements, PrivateCourt will provide participating MSMEs with:

  1. Digital Certificates of Participation: Recognizing their involvement in the "Samvaad se, Vivaad Nahi" campaign.
  2. Invaluable Photographic Records: Captured moments during the meetings, serving as visual proof of their dedication to peaceful dispute resolution.
  3. Social Media Amplification: Actively promoting the campaign on social media, amplifying the reach by tagging and acknowledging the participating MSMEs.
Information Collected During Meetings:

In these pivotal engagements, PrivateCourt will gather vital information from the MSMEs, including:

  1. Essential Organizational Details: Compiling crucial organizational information like name, contact details, and primary representatives.
  2. Memorable Banner Moments: Capturing poignant visuals—photographs with the campaign banner, immortalizing their support for the cause.
Connect with Us to Join the Campaign:

In this dynamic journey of three months, we invite you to join us in promoting dialogue as the beacon of resolution, guided by the timeless principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Together, we can shift the paradigm, ensuring that disputes find their end in conversation, not confrontation.

To be a part of this transformative campaign and advocate for peaceful dispute resolution, reach out to our dedicated team at any of our offices:

List of Offices:
  1. Delhi: D 62, Third Floor, 3rd street, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi - 110092
  2. Mumbai: 208, 2nd Floor, Globe Business Park, Ambernath West, Near Railway station, Ambernath - 421505
Contact Numbers:
  1. Delhi: +91-9699900111
  2. Mumbai: +91-7021906125
  1. Delhi: ankit@privatecourt.in
  2. Mumbai: mahadev@privatecourt.in
For Media Coverage:

For media inquiries and coverage related to the "Samvaad se, Vivaad Nahi" campaign, please connect with our media liaison at legal@privatecourt.in

For General Inquiries:

For any general inquiries regarding the campaign or PrivateCourt, please feel free to reach out to us at support@privatecourt.in

Join us in reshaping the landscape of conflict resolution, embracing dialogue and shunning disputes for a more harmonious society, inspired by the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi.

Stay tuned for updates as "Samvaad Se, Vivaad Nahi" unfolds, bringing hope and transformation to the Indian business landscape.